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Upgrading rook

Follow the most recent docs corresponding the the version being upgraded to.

It's important to also use the template for the 2nd cluster for all additional ceph clusters (there are 5+ deployed). Remove all the PSP stuff from it.

cd deploy/examples
export ROOK_OPERATOR_NAMESPACE=rook-system
sed -i.bak \
    -e "s/\(.*\):.*# namespace:operator/\1: $ROOK_OPERATOR_NAMESPACE # namespace:operator/g" \
    -e "s/\(.*\):.*# namespace:cluster/\1: $ROOK_CLUSTER_NAMESPACE # namespace:cluster/g" \

kubectl apply -f common.yaml -f crds.yaml

Delete all related to PSP from common-second-cluster.yaml

Fix "namespace: rook-ceph" -> "namespace: rook-system" in common-second-cluster.yaml

mkdir clusters

for i in rook-central rook-haosu rook-east rook-pacific rook-south-east; do NAMESPACE=$i envsubst < common-second-cluster.yaml > clusters/$i.yaml; done

cp common.yaml clusters/

kubectl diff -f clusters

see if changes make sense, then follow the guide:

kubectl apply -f clusters -f crds.yaml

... other commands from the guide

fix toolbox pods

Upgrading ceph

Before upgrading the major version, make sure the OS and kernel support it