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Images we provide

We provide images based on Docker Stack project with NVIDIA CUDA libraries added, so that you could use those with GPUs. You can get the list of software included in the images on the Docker Stack web page.

All images are available in JupyterHub, and also you can refer the images directly in your Pod definition.

The list of images and registry links are available in our GitLab registry:

  • Base: Notebook, Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Hub
  • Minimal: base + command-line tools
  • Desktop: GUI desktop
  • R:
  • R Studio:
  • Julia:
  • SciPy: popular packages from the scientific Python ecosystem
  • Tensorflow: popular Python deep learning libraries
  • Relion Desktop:
  • Datascience: includes libraries for data analysis from the Julia, Python, and R communities
  • PySpark: includes Python support for Apache Spark
  • All Spark: includes Python and R support for Apache Spark

The NRP image ( is based on Stacks Tensorflow with addition of:


We can add more libraries to this image on request in Matrix.

The Desktop image has X Window system installed and you can launch the GUI interface in Jupyter with this image. It's based on Minimal stack one.

The current stable tag for the images we (NRP) provide is :v1.1. Please use this tag if you want no changes in the image you're using, as :latest might change with upgrades.

B-Data images

The West JupyterHub also provides access to the B-Data images These are available with and without CUDA support, for both x86 and ARM platforms. JupyterHub will automatically select the right one based on the request.