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SeaweedFS S3

Creating S3 user in seaweedfs volume

  1. Login to seaweedfs master:

kubectl exec -it -n seaweedfs $(kubectl get pods -n seaweedfs --selector=k8s-app=seaweed-master --output=jsonpath={}) sh

  1. Run weed shell:

weed shell -filer seaweed-filer:8888 -master seaweed-master:9333

  1. Optionally inspect the current S3 config


  1. Add the new config for the created Seaweedfs PVC

s3.configure -access_key <key> -secret_key <key> -user <user> -buckets <bucket> -apply -actions Read,Write,List

You have to manually generate the random keys. User is the name of the record (use the user's login).